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Learning Success Experience

A Program For Parents of Students Struggling To Be Successful

Protect your investment and time spent on your students education

Establish Real Expectations

As a parent, you’re worried that your child is not performing well enough in their educational program and it can harm their future life endeavors. Re-engage their interest in education by setting realistic expectations and gain clarity on the objectives needed to get the desired outcome.

Investing For Success

Expensive educational programs are a investment that can go to a complete waste when your child starts failing their course! A deep dive with the student will help them uncover all aspects of their current educational program and understand why studying leads to a successful life!

Discover Your Learning Style

Students who can’t engage with their program feel education is a complete waste of time. Create an action plan that bridges the gap between the relevance of their program and the benefits they gain by providing them a career, and an opportunity to live a comfortable life.

About Me

Meet Harvey Hazen: an experienced educator dedicated to empowering struggling students and guiding them towards success. With a profound understanding of the challenges students face, Harvey has transformed his own academic journey to become a beacon of support and inspiration.
During his college years, Harvey encountered obstacles that many students can relate to. The disconnect between the curriculum and his personal goals left him feeling lost and disheartened. As a result, his grades suffered, jeopardizing the limited scholarship he had earned. This financial strain on his parents made Harvey question his place in higher education.

However, Harvey’s story took a turn when he found a mentor in a perceptive college professor. This mentorship allowed Harvey to grasp the importance of seemingly unrelated courses and their impact on his dream of becoming a teacher. He discovered that learning is not confined to specific subjects but is a lifelong process applicable to any career or life endeavor.

Fueling his newfound purpose, Harvey embarked on a self-development journey that focused on understanding learning styles and maximizing their effectiveness. This valuable experience taught him how to overcome roadblocks posed by less effective learning styles.

Now, Harvey is eager to share the wisdom he has gained over his successful journey. With 37 years in education, he has served as a History Teacher, Counselor, High School Vice Principal and Principal, Middle School Principal, Elementary Principal, and School Superintendent. Harvey’s educational background includes a BS in History/Education, an MS in Educational Counseling, and completion of the Principal and Superintendent Credential Program.

Through his coaching, Harvey aims to support struggling students, providing them with the tools, guidance, and inspiration they need to achieve their goals. With Harvey by their side, students can unlock their true potential and thrive academically and personally.

Trust, credibility, and likability define Harvey Hazen’s approach to coaching. Let him guide you on your journey to success and help you overcome any obstacles standing in your way. Together, you can rewrite your story and achieve greatness.

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"To whom it may concern,

I am writing this recommendation for Mr. Hazen with a happy heart. We have worked together since the 1980s during the time that we both served as Administrators in the Hood River School District. Harvey was the high school principal, I was the school psychologist and child development specialist.

After leaving my role with the school district, I opened a private practice in counseling, mediation and consultation. I also attended seminary and now, after ordination, also serve as a pastor, pastoral counselor and congregational consultant. I also serve handicapped youngsters and their parents.

My three children attended Hood River Valley High School while Mr. Hazen was the principal. I mention this because I also know him as a parent. Mr. Hazen has been a dedicated and talented colleague, principal and friend. We have stayed in contact over the years, and I consider him to be a wonderful and dedicated friend.

His current interest in coaching college students, especially those who may be having some difficulty, assisting them in creating relevance in their programs and learning to effectively use their learning style, is a perfect fit for this gentleman. After years of working with the education of thousands of diverse students, Harvey has proven his skill, attitude, nurturing approach and his ability to work with parents is very effective. He was very helpful in assisting my oldest son who has ADHD and was not performing well in school. That same son now works privately, designing and developing the electronics and human interfaces for five different motorhome coach manufacturers such as Winnebago.

I truly trust Mr. Hazen and I highly recommend him to you as an expert in serving our college students and their families. He is a true professional who guides and nurtures students with the greatest of care.”

Calvin Chester Kemper

School Psychologist, Minister, Pastoral Counselor

The Learning Relevance Experience

A Program For Parents of Students Struggling To Be Successful

Protect Your Investment By Helping Your Child Find Relevance in Their Curriculum and Discover the Life Lessons It Holds for Their Future Success